Sewing Goals

Do you make goals for your sewing projects? I shared at one point that I have been using a project book to keep track of the different dolls I have and what needs to be done for them. The current book is a 8.5×5.5 inch Moleskin type book and it’s getting filled with notes!

Some pages have pictures glued in, while others have my janky sketches of ideas. I say janky because I am NOT an artist but I took one life drawing class so I can at least draw a body or dress – don’t ask for realism or details, and definitely no hands haha.

My idea of drawing

On the front page of the project book I have jotted down some ideas for 2023 sewing projects.

Caroline: drawers, petti, hoop, corset

Dora: practice making new body, make corset as part of torso

Screen shot of a doll on eBay with a corset body

Ruby: make new body, repair what I can, full wardrobe, research Harpers Bazar images 1888

Doll Quilt

Hummingbirds – Mom and A Ruth

We shall see if I stay on task this year. This is a very ambitious project list! Rest assured, I will share my progress with you here and on Instagram. Stay tuned!


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