Vids with ads

You know those videos with great titles, like “Baby Drives Tractor” and “Amazing Surfing Dog Wipe Out!!!” ?? The titles really draw you in (granted I just made those up) and make you want to watch the video, whether it is on YouTube or Yahoo! or wherever. What I hate hate hate about videos is when they force you to sit through an ad for some website or laundry care product or whatever. That pretty much makes me A) not want to buy your product and B) not watch the video.

So, here’s a video of my stupid dog not willing to pick up his chew treat from the tile floor. No ad required, because I’m cool like that.


Army in Afghanistan remakes Call Me Maybe

So the popular song Call Me Maybe was going around last summer and the Miami Dolphin’s cheerleaders made a video for it. The US Army (way cuter shirtless, btw) copied their video frame for frame, move for move. This clip places the two vids side by side. Honestly, I didn’t really notice the girls were there, I was so fixated on all the nice pecs.

Beautiful song

John put together a playlist of acoustic music for Melody and I nicked it from him. This is such a beautiful song and it’s probably not one you have ever heard before. The artist is Bruce Cockburn (Co-burn) and he’s got a lovely voice. Give it a listen. I think you’ll be happy you did!