Recent Projects

I’ve been working on a few non-doll related projects recently that I thought I would share.

Cute chickadee

This is the first bird in a flock I am undertaking. I have made two of these so far and will probably make two more. They come together very quickly!

Find the pattern on eBay from Squishy Cute

Pretty cardinal

Here is bird number two in the flock, a gorgeous cardinal. I found the National Nonwovens felt over on Etsy.

Victorian pin cushion

This one is a pin cushion. I found the site Tag Sis, You’re It recently which features many lovely Victorian tutorials. This particular project is in their Historical Accessories section. I altered the design from the original magazine reprint to suit my taste. It’s made from wool felt and I think the next one will be silk. It came together in about 3 hours of stitching off and on. I freehanded the design but you can try transferring it with your preferred method.

I promise I will be getting back to the Follow Along of Caroline’s wardrobe. I just get sidetracked sometimes…oh look, sparkly!


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