Slow food, here I come!

Well, I certainly need to eliminate fast food from my diet, and maybe this is a resolution I can make last for more than one month. You may have noticed that this resolution is in the shortest month of the year, so 29 days to go and hopefully I won’t slip up!

I am considering fast food to be any of the major franchises and pizza delivery. Make at home pizza will be on the white list should I decide to make it. Also on the white list are normal restaurants. Mostly, I want to eliminate all the preservatives and mystery ingredients that have come to light in recent months in fast food items. If you want to ditch fast food, a google search for “McDonalds pink slime burgers” may help. Gah!

There’s a photo circulating on the internet right now of a fast food burger that has been left to sit on the counter in a doctor’s office for over six months. No mold or bacterial growth. No breakdown of the meat. It looks the same as it did when it came through the window and that’s what I’m trying to use as inspiration right now.

Fast food is also addictive. Your body begins to crave the high amounts of saturated fat and perservatives after a while. Maybe if I can get through this month I won’t have to worry about this addiction in the future. 

Wish me luck!


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