Vintage photos

My sister told me about this great application for the Mac called VintageScene, a program that has preset filters that make your modern photos look aged and vintage. Of course, John commented that we have progressed so far from the early cameras and their print quality, only to create apps that make photos look old and worn. I think that goes to show that the early photographers were artists, while today any Tom Dick or Harry can take a snapshot with their phone. Here are a few of the aged photos I created.

Here a stand of cannon and an ammunition wagon.

Next, our friend John Smolley as Jefferson Davis, President of the CSA.

This is Logan B., who has grown up so very fast, and now he’d rather march with the Army than play in the parlour, sigh…

I created an album in the gallery called The Vintage Scene where there are a few more aged photos. I will continue to play with this because it’s lots of fun!


2 thoughts on “Vintage photos

  1. Those came out really nice! I went through the entire Vintage album and was quite impressed. The one of you and Kathy in period dress really looks quite authentic–no big cheesy grins to give it away. Do they have a similar program for a PC that you know of?

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