I’m so proud of my team!

By the time the last person had signed up on Team Melody Makers Bakers, we had 32 people on the site and several off site who were working their ovens to the bone turning out all kinds of delicious sounding goodies for our deserving soldier, Heath Kirk. As you may know, shortly after we had ‘adopted’ Heath as our soldier, his convoy in Afghanistan was attacked and he was seriously wounded. Heath survived but lost his right leg above the knee and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands and arms. He was rushed to Germany to undergo emergency surgery, then transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Through this all, we were all committed to helping him along the way to recovery.

When I first posted about hosting a team, I figured I might get 10 or 12 people to sign up and call that a huge success. You can imagine how proud I am to have hosted this group. I don’t know if there has been a soldier sponsored by Baking Gals yet who was wounded during the sponsorship period. Let me tell you, I felt like Heath was a long lost family member and his dad Tim was, too. I wanted to take care of these fine men. Well as I have been getting in the shipment reports I must admit that my team members really surpassed every expectation I had and then some!! Tim tells me that they have been receiving the packages and appreciate every one of them. They would have taken pictures but the hospital would not allow it. Their gratitude is what powers us, because this young man deserves it all and more!

Here’s just a quick summary and a few photos of what has been sent. Please support our team members by visiting their sites and commenting, too. 

Kathi D of I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus ** made shortbread cookies. I looooove shortbread cookies, and her kitchen is really neato looking. Kathi said that when she was young her brother joined the Marines and she used to send him home made cookies, and she really enjoyed doing it 50-some years later. Thank you Kathi!

My friend Stacey made chocolate chip banana walnut bread. That sounds delicious and sinful and oh so good!

Peggy F sent cracker toffee, pillowcases, a gratitude rock, and jelly bellys, as well as a little bit about Fairfield where she lives and a picture of her family. It’s always nice to see who has been keeping you in their thoughts!

Elise at The Cupcake Activist sent pumpkin cupcakes…yummmmmm. She put them into little mason jars to keep them safe during shipping. Elise that is very clever and I hope it didn’t weigh too much!

The awesome Kim Onstott of Your Place Gourmet, who gave us Heath’s name to begin with, sent chewy chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips; big peanut butter cookies; oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my favorite!!), plus magazines, action flick DVDs and a music CD/DVD set. Kim and Heath’s dad Tim know each other and this must have really hit close to home for her, too. Thanks for nominating Heath, Kim!

Carrie B sent what she called The Brown’s Fall Favorites, as it contained all of her fall favorite goodies: pumpkin bread, candy corn and Halloween M&Ms, plus a little bit about Oklahoma where she lives and a Bible, which I know Heath and his family will use.

Candi H in Illinois sent sugar cookies with Halloween sprinkles and brownie mini’s with mini Reeses pieces, plus a note from her and one from her two-year-old daughter. Candi’s daughter also wanted to include a popsicle and was disappointed when her Mommy wouldn’t let her. It’s so great that you are including your daughter in this Candi, as baking and sharing our love is something we need to learn at our mother’s knee.

Gramma A sent some of my favorites too: two small loaves of lemon bread with pecans, peanut butter cookies and snickerdoodles. It was 6 1/2 pounds of yummy goodness!

Michele sent a batch of Halloween cut outs and says she is so glad to hear that Heath is getting so much love from around the country!

Suzanne B at Alive In Wonderland **  says that baking isn’t her strong point but she enjoyed the project and I know she did it with her kids, which is all the more special. Suzanne’s husband is also a veteran and he sent a note in the box for Heath as well. There is nothing like the words of camaraderie that pass between one veteran and another. Thank you!

Julie C sent six dozen cookies, including peanut butter and I think I see some cranberry white chocolate chip in there!  The pictures speak for themselves :::mouth watering:::

Debbie Z is one of those who really blew me away with her thoughtful gift. Not only did she send monster cookies, puzzle books and a deck of playing cards, she made this wheelchair sized lap quilt for Heath to use during his recovery. It is gorgeous and so special. Debbie, you are wonderful!

Carrie at This Mama Makes Stuff ** could not resist making Heath bar cookies and her daughters helped her out. The girls also wrote letters and drawings, and pray for “the soldier with the hurt leg” at night. Carrie, I cannot say thank you enough for your efforts and again, for teaching your little ones these special skills!

Laurie G sent corn muffins and oatmeal scotchie cookies. I sure hope we will be getting the recipe for those!

Tina S sent out oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Halloween sugar cookies and corn muffins, plus the “dentist special” of gum, sunflower seeds, tootsie roll pops, trail mix and granola bars.

Stacey J sent another bunch that I hope we will get recipes for! Butterscotch pumpkin cookies, chocolate pumpkin cookies and cinnamon and chocolate chip cookies. They all sound insanely good!

I just got word from Dawn R that after 5″ of snow in North Dakota her package went out with 4 dozen sugar cookies, gum, almonds, peppermint lifesavers, Werthers candies and an Uno card game. She also included notes and cards of thanks and encouragement.

Jennifer R powered through family illness to bring together pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, some pictures of her family and notes of encouragement. Thanks for hanging in there Jennifer and so glad you are feeling better!

Auntie Kat was also under the weather but wanted to send a care package, so she decided to give Heath a break on the calories and sent out snacks, a knit cap she had made, writing paper and envelopes plus stamps, and a few other odds and ends. She also included notes of encouragement from herself and some of her friends.

As for myself, I sent cheese crackers and sugar cookies with mini peanut butter cups in them. My friend Laurie contributed a massive box of Mentos and individual packets of trail mix, and I also put in Altoids, chocolate candies, and chocolate covered mints from Trader Joe’s, plus a few pictures from the Marching Thru History event, just because they were fun. Wouldn’t you know I didn’t actually take pictures of my own goodies!?


For those who haven’t participated in a project like this in the past, it really is fulfilling and I encourage you to try it. Round 14 is getting ready to launch and I hope I’ll see some of you around on other teams. I don’t think I’ll host a team in Round 14, maybe Round 15. It’s a lot of work! I’m very happy I did it and proud of our fantastic results! Heath’s dad let me know that the boxes have been arriving safely – I was a little worried about the receiving department at the hospital – and that Heath is doing a little better every day. 

** These are all sites I read with some regularity. Like, every day. In case you wanted to know what I do with my time.


2 thoughts on “I’m so proud of my team!

  1. wow – that is really quite a haul! i love it. i will definitely get over to BG and sign up this weekend.

    it was great to meet you last night – such a fun evening! :)

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