BlogCrush Meets the Matador

Cantina, that is…

A while back I became involved in yet another new activity that, for me, has the potential of opening some doors of opportunity. My pal Suzanne Broughton invited me to join BlogCrush – could we call it a support group for bloggers? – which has monthly get togethers and helps us Orange County bloggers network, make friends, grow businesses, and have a lot of fun.

Last night, the BlogCrush descended on the Matador Cantina in downtown Fullerton, thanks to Suzanne and Marcy Massura, who organized the event. I went, I tasted the fabulous queso fundido, I collected business cards of new acquaintences, I had a great time! As a special bonus, Melody and Dad had a great time at home, too.

In addition to seeing some previous acquaintences – Suzanne, Marcy, Kirsten Wright, and Roxanne Hack – it was great to meet Lamia of Lamia, Priscilla of Top Mom Blog, Lisa of Life Illustrated, Michele of Play Parks Central, Kara Noel of Eli’s Lids, Laura of If Not Now, When, and Dawn of Spontaneous Clapping!

The cantina also offered us a sampling of their appetizers, we met the owners of the restaurant and also the head chef, David, and some enjoyed the specialty drinks – mango martini and jalapeno martini. I enjoyed the company of other bloggers and seeing the nail-biter ending of the Angel game with fellow fan Roxanne. I recommend the queso fundido, it’s unbelievable! I’d like a bowl and a spoon, please.

The Matador Cantina is in downtown Fullerton in a renovated building packed with charm and atmosphere. They offer Saturday brunch as well as Sunday brunch, and I expect I’ll be taking friends and family back for more. Hope you will too!


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