A truly wonderful moment

This past Saturday found us at Calico Ghost Town for the 47th Annual Calico Days event. Kathy, Melody and I went to the Lane House & Museum and displayed family heirlooms – a 100+ year old infant gown worn my my Grandpa George in 1892, a tiny silk coat made for my father in 1932, and a tatted lace collar made by our Great Grand Uncle John Hart. Don’t worry, these items are all safely inside display cases! Kathy and I took turns with Melody, taking her through the town off to do really fun things like ride an historic stagecoach, ride the Calico train, play in a hay bale, share an ice cream and play with the hobby horse she got at the Mercantile. With that, she galloped around shouting “yee haw, ride ’em cowboy!” Folks thought it was hilarious. She is definitely not inhibited!

Every year at Calico Days there is a parade featuring all sorts of characters, drill teams, the stagecoach, mule teams, the like. Well, this year the parade was started by a corps of United States Veterans from the Veterans Home in Barstow. All these fellows were in motorized wheel chairs so they could make the long trek up hill and then back down! I had a perfect spot for watching the parade, right up at the front and by a lamp post that is somewhat out into the street. Another woman was there taking pictures like me. As those veterans came up to us, she said “I feel like someone should be singing.” 

Completely spontaneously, she and I both started singing God Bless America. Our voices were paired perfectly, we both were unafraid, our song carried over all the sounds of the crowd. A hush fell as those brave heros approached us, and the song ended right as the last of their group passed us. 

I am not the type to perform in front of a crowd, but the looks in their eyes as we serenaded them was truly a wonderful moment that I will cherish forever!


One thought on “A truly wonderful moment

  1. I wish I could have been there to see it all. Being there at least once before, I could picture it and got a little teary-eyed just thinking. Glad you could sing in “public”.

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