Marching Thru History Exposition Was Awesome!

This past weekend we went out to the Marching Thru History Exposition in Chino. What a great event! Military and historical groups from ancient times until recent history were represented by fantastic camps, amazing clothing, pageantry, pomp and circumstance, and weapons displays. We saw Roman Legions, a real-live knight in shining armor, Celts, German Landsknechts, English Civil War archers, American Revolution – both sides, War of 1812, Spanish-American War, American Civil War, Great War aka WW1, both Germans and Americans, New Zealanders, British India troops, World War 2 American GIs and military hospitals, Japanese WW2 officers, Philippine troops, Korean War and Vietnam War camps and soldiers. There were also numerous American Vets who were honored throughout the weekend.

We were camped in the American Frontier town and it was great to see familiar faces – Widow Peters, the Coffeys, the Deedees – as well as make new friends with the Mule Skinners, Seventh Calvary, and the Wayward Sisters. Lisa Taylor, the organizer for our area, did a great job at making everyone feel welcome and important. It was a lot more busy for us because traffic flow was more pronounced than at past events. We spent the days piecing a quilt, tatting, and knitting, and on Sunday hosted a tea party with the Captain and Sergeant of the Seventh Calvary. Now, that was an experience!

If you missed it this time, you can see it again on the weekend after Independence Day next year at Old Fort MacArthur Days. The picture above is of Mrs Bronner of the War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation. Click her picture to see more pictures from Marching Through History.

Next weekend we will be visiting Calico on Saturday for Calico Days! Check our the commercial here, you can see each of us for a split second if you don’t blink! 


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