Ladies & gentlemen, start your ovens!

Well, I spoke to Heath’s dad tonight on the phone. What a nice guy! Heath is in Texas at one of the best burn units available for military. A family friend happened to be talking to my dad recently and shared that he had been at the same burn unit and they really saved him. I feel so good just having this referral!

For those who are signed up through BakingGALS, you should get the information in an email I sent out tonight. Heath said he doesn’t really believe that we exist and are pulling so strongly for him. I was delighted to tell him there are over 25 people eagerly preparing all sorts of cookie goodness just for him. For those of you who want to bake but haven’t signed up on the site, or who wish to just send him a get well card, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you his address.

I’m feeling so exuberant that our project is finally coming to fruition; in fact, a bit giddy, but that’s also because today I spent the day setting up our Parlour for the Marching Through History Exposition taking place at Prado Regional Park in Chino. Check out their site or Past Periods Press for more information. You could see Roman Legions, Colonial Minute Men, Pancho Villa, Doughboys, GIs and more, all in one place.

Second, Melody said the funniest thing last night, I just have to share it. My parents came over for dinner, and after dinner, as adults tend to do, we were all chatting at the table about this and that. Melody was feeling left out I suppose, and she came over to me and said very loudly “Mommy, I want these people to go home!”

We could not stop laughing!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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