Grown up coloring

At Christmas my daughter thought her Auntie would like some coloring books, since as a six-year-old Melody likes coloring. Lucky her, Auntie likes coloring and always has. Well, I thought some coloring books for grown ups were in order, and since I liked them so much, I bought myself a set. Of course, since we love Victorian clothing, that’s the theme of the books. I finished a couple recently. My daughter was playing on her iPad and I was the one coloring. Hee hee!

Evening Attire ca. 1891

Evening Attire ca. 1891

Walking Costumes ca. 1884

Walking Costumes ca. 1884

I hope you find yourself some good Dover Coloring books, a 100 color pencil set, and a little time to dream!

Speaking of Victorian clothing, we will be at the Southern California Civil War Association (SCCWA) reenactment at Prado Regional Park April 6-7. Visit my Victorian sister site Past Periods Press for more details.


One thought on “Grown up coloring

  1. I just love to color. One of my best presents. I was wondering what to bring this weekend for after the public leaves… maybe coloring would be the thing. That or a book. Hope to see our local friends at Prado this weekend.

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