Book review: Dog On It

I have read several books lately, so I’m going to fill up the book review section for you! First up is Dog On It by Spencer Quinn.

I decided to try out a mystery/detective story, and this book was well reviewed by other readers. It also has a different take on story telling – the dog’s perspective. Intriguing. The dog is named Chet and he *almost* graduated from police K9 training school, but for some sort of a mishap during his final exam. Bernie is his owner and a private detective. The two are inseparable and very loyal to one another. While Bernie does the talking, Chet does the smelling, chasing and tail wagging. Chet narrates the story in a hard-boiled detective style, bringing to mind Phillip Marlow and Sam Spade, while keeping his doggy good humor and short memory.

The story is a good entree to a series, as there are a slew of Chet & Bernie Mysteries on the shelves. A frightened mom contacts Bernie to find her possibly missing (possibly just acting out) teenaged daughter. Bernie investigates in the way people do and Chet does his part too, finding contraband, bad smelling house pets and clues along the way. Not only do they follow the leads to solve the mystery, Chet and Bernie show us the dedication between humans and dogs that has gone back thousands of years. There is a reason we call dogs “man’s best friend.”

I would read another Chet & Bernie Mystery in the future, if only to find out what mischief Chet has gotten up to in the next installment. If you want a light read that is funny in parts and exciting in others, give this book a try.


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