October’s been here and gone already

It is already early November, I can’t believe it! Yet again the year has flown by while I have been watching. 

I never did tell you about my ankle surgery, which you don’t really need to hear about, but suffice it to say that two months off during sumemr was not the idylic summer of years gone by that I remembered from grade school. Sure, there was lots of sleeping and TV involved, but doing all that while you are in pain and wearing a cast just isn’t as fun as the carefree days of yore. Oh well. I am in physical therapy and maybe someday I will be recovered fully from this injury.

To add insult to ingury, I don’t need to describe it more than to say “bang.” We will be getting a new car a few years earlier than originally planned.

You saw the pictures of Melody at the pumpkin patch. We carved our pumpkins on the 30th and they turned out great! On Halloween, her school had a little carnival geared at preschoolers – tic tac toe, magnet fishing, stuff like that – and a costume parade. Our little princess very much enjoyed the parade part. She definitely likes being in the spotlight!

Melody went out trick or treating with her Daddy and the neighbors. This


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