I’m looking forward to…

I was thinking this weekend about the funny little gifts that children give their parents, some of them so sweet, and others unusual. I can remember giving my mother an orange beaded coin purse that I bought at a boutique at school. It surely was a white elephant and my mom definitely gave me the money for it. I labored over the decision for hours, going back to the room where the boutique was several times through the day. The teacher’s aide who was staffing the room was so patient with me as I repeatedly changed my mind, but I finally bought the little purse. Thinking back on it, it probably cost a whole 25 cents, but my mother profusely thanked me for it and kept it for many years, although I don’t know if she still has it. It meant so much to me to be able to express to her how much I loved her and wanted to select the perfect present, and her cherishing that little purse confirmed to my little mind what I knew anyway – that she loved me. It was like that little purse became a symbol of our bond, and as long as she kept it, we would be close. To an 8 year old, that’s huge! Of course as an adult I don’t need an orange coin purse to confirm that (I love you Mommy!).

I am really looking forward to the little presents and expressions of love that Melody labors over for me and her Dad. Like I said, it was thinking about it over the weekend, and here are some of the things that came to mind as being in our future…

Origami paper balls

Flowers cut from the yard and wrapped with tin foil on the stem

Giving her money to buy me or Dad a little gift

Proudly displaying and using Hello Kitty salt & pepper shakers

Pictures of us drawn with abnormally large heads

Cootie catchers

Hair decorations made from Christmas bows

Home made potholders

Oddly created dinners with strange combinations of food

Love notes written in yellow ink that are impossible to read

Christmas gifts consisting of Post-it notes and Bic pens

Don’t they all sound wonderful!? What would you add to the list?


2 thoughts on “I’m looking forward to…

  1. With the move I got rid of some sentimental things but not all.
    How about tree ornaments made from home made play dough.
    Little tiny red felt stockings with your initials – I think I still have them.
    An appropriate poem (year round) of which I probably have them all.
    Over the grade school years every single test or story paper or drawing that came into the house – that drawer always had room for me to save them. Did you ever question that there was always room? I did give some of them back to you shortly before we moved. AND on and on. And the love goes on.

  2. I don’t really remember some of the things I gave my parents but if we were talking about something I might say “do you remember that thing I gave you when I was 9?”… I do know about the stocking ornaments from like Brownies. I do have a giant stack of school papers now too. Now I just need that bottomless drawer for them. I luv U Mummy.

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