Things I am "so over"

We all have that thing that just wears on our last nerve when it’s just over done, and at that point we become so over that thing. There are plenty of things that I am so over, and here are a few of them, in no particular order.

Michael Jackson, his family, his music, his videos and all things related to him and his famous weirdness. Just this morning I heard on the radio that someone is making a tribute movie or something like that. Guess what? The fans and maybe even a few converts will buy all that stuff if you let him be dead for a few years before you pillage his legacy. It’s called the nostalgia factor, but we have to actually miss the person first.

Classic rock. Yes, I love me some Van Halen and the Beatles are at least 10 hours of music in my iTunes. I’m talking to you Doors, Led Zepplin and Allman Brothers. And, music industry people, Ozzy, Poison and Motley are not classic rock. They are 80s rock. Somehow there is a distinction there.

CSI everywhere and Law & Order everything. Yes, I like crime and murder shows, and I admit to being addicted to Criminal Minds. I don’t know why CM is better than all the others, but it may have to do with lack of over saturation in the market. How many CSI and L&O programs are there anyway…like 20?

Vampire ripoffs. I am a dedicated Sookie Stackhouse book reader and True Blood show watcher. I’ll even allow some Twilight and Vampire Diaries because they have been around forever, same as Ann Rice and my old favorite Brian Lumley. But have you looked at the shelves of the “young adult books” at Target lately? They are filled with all sorts of weird vampire books that have solid black covers with an embossed tear drop or broken heart locket. Ugh.

Poop. There’s toddler poop once in a while still, plus there’s three animals in this house, two of which seem to lose their ability to “hold it” from time to time, and…well, anyway. I am So. Over. Poop.

Political advertising. Gone are the days when people had the time and made the effort to find out what the candidates stood for and made their own decision as to who to vote for. Seems like all we hear now is negative campaigning, e.g. one candidate points out the foibles of the other candidate, and no one really stumps on what they stand for, why they are going to be successful, and what kind of ethics they employ in their life. Rather than vote for the lesser of two evils, how about showing us why we should vote for you?

Rap music. When is this going away? I can’t even understand what they are saying most of the time. Wait, maybe that’s just me getting old. No, no I didn’t like it when it first came out and I was young then. And what is the deal with decorating your teeth with all that gold and stuff? Do they really think it looks good? Someone give these guys a mirror.

Celebrity divorces. Unfortunately, marriages don’t work out in some cases. it’s bad enough that these people have to go through the deep emotional train wreck that is divorce, but they have spouses calling up talk shows to give “their side of the story,” and they are expected to be glamorous/handsome, give great performances, and exude confidence. Why do we want to see celebrity divorces destroy the divorcees?

Well, I have to say that I feel so much better! Ranting over these things reminds me of how good my life really is. I can turn off the TV and radio when the music or shows I don’t like come on. I think I’m gonna go watch some Criminal Minds and have a glass of wine.


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