We’re back and we’re baking again

I had to take some time off because honestly keeping up with one blog is time consuming, but three is really taking up a lot of my time! So, I’m ahead on Gram’s Recipe Box, Past Periods Press is good until July, it’s my chance to focus here for a minute.

We are going to be meeting my friend Kate and her family at the Aquarium of the Pacific tomorrow. Kate and I have never really met in 3D, just online through our mom’s group. Her daughter Jordan is Melody’s age and they have a younger son, Ben. All of us are excited for the day! Pictures to follow I’m sure.

Somehow I missed a round or even two of Baking Gals. It’s okay though, because I think I really needed a break. I signed up this month, and we baked for Matt Mobley, currently stationed at Ft. Hood, which we all know is A. the scene of the terrible massacre last year, and B. a bivouac center where units are deployed overseas. Hopefully these treats will reach Matt and let him and his buddies know we wish him the best.

We went old school again and dug up a recipe from “All My Best” which is the cookbook my mom put together of her favorite recipes from a lifetime of cooking. When I realized how simple Grammie Hennie’s brownies were, that’s what we went with. Keeping with my vow of quality over quantity, I figured I’d make a batch of brownies, include gum/mints/candy and ship. Well, hm, the brownies turned out so good that there were only about half a batch left. So, I though well, I’ve got a brownie mix here, I’ll make those. Yes, we made them, but they are seriously substandard compared with Grammie’s. 

Here we melted the butter and unsweetened chocolate. Ghiradelli, because my store was out of Bakers, but still delicious. Next, I have been itching to use this pan, which is one reason we went with brownies this month. It’s really a scone pan, but Joyce the Tea Lady told me it’s great for brownies. My batch of mix could have made a dozen very plump brownies, but it stretched to 15 okay.

The brownies were insane yummy while still warm from the oven. So yummy that I made a second batch of Grammie’s recipe the next day so my family could enjoy a few. The remainder were boxed up to go to Matt.

As you can see, I also stuffed a box with regular treats. Finally I made a batch of Munchie Dudes crackers. Melody is delighted because she usually only gets these at Gramma & Papa’s house. I will be shipping these on Monday since our local post office isn’t open on Saturdays anymore. Ah, government cost cutting.


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