Now that just tears it!

I have been casually following the story of the World War 1 Mojave Desert monument for a while now, and today, I have just about had it! If you don’t know the story, in 1934 a 7 foot high metal cross was erected on private lands in the Mojave Desert in honor of World War 1 vets and casualties. Over the course of time, the land was transferred to the state.

The “fine” organization we know as the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit claiming that the cross should be removed because it was on Federal land and thereby violated the Constitution’s call for the separation of church and state. I’m not a religious person, but even I know that the Constitution included that clause so that churches and religious organizations such as existed in the 18th century would not control the government.

Something tells me that this 7 foot cross in the middle of the desert was not influencing policy in Washington DC in any way.

Anyway, the lands in question were transferred back to private holding in a recent land swap. As a result, the US Supreme Court has rejected the ACLU lawsuit because the offending religious symbol is no longer on state or federal lands, hence, no violation of the Constitution.

This morning I read that this cross, which had been covered by a plywood box for many years, finally was uncovered, and has now been stolen by thieves/vandals.

That is just pathetic.


2 thoughts on “Now that just tears it!

  1. I’m speachless! Actually: *#)*(!#!#%^!!! and *^^*!#$!$@## Okay. I feel better. Bunch of pathatic idiots to do such a thing, steal a memorial.

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