My baby is three!

It sounds so cliche, but I simply cannot believe that in a blink of an eye, Melody has turned three years old. Seems like just a while ago, she was this tiny little baby who was completely dependent on us for everything. Now she is very INdependent and probably wishes we’d leave her alone at times. Well, maybe not leave her alone, but tonight she did tell me “Mommy, I want you to be nice to me when I poop my pants.” Guess, I’ve been a bit stern about this whole “using the potty” concept.

To celebrate this milestone (seems as though TWO was a huge milestone and ONE was a huge milestone, do they every diminish in their importance??), last week I took Melody and some of her daycare buddies and Rhonda to the Santa Ana Zoo. It was really such a fun and relaxing day! How could I relax at the zoo with four under 4, you ask? It was so easy! Two were in strollers and Mark and Melody walked everywhere. Their enthusiasm for the emu, llamas, bald eagle, golden lion capuchin, and of course the blue tongued skink, all just carried me through on a wave of enjoyment. The little ones were so good, too. Little Kiana is only 19 months and her cute little “look at that!” at everything was so funny, I just had to laugh. The Santa Ana Zoo is perfect for this crowd because it’s over quickly but they feel like they have seen every kind of animal there is.

Saturday of course was Melody’s birthday and we had a party for her here at the house. We had a bounce house again, but surprisingly, Melody was not interested in it until Delaney got here and went into it. From that point until cake, we couldn’t really get her out of it. Caelen came over and bounced, and the three were fast friends. Once Danika and Geneva, Mark and Kadie joined in, the bounce house was full of laughing, tumbling, happy kids. Kudos go out to Diane B who created a sort of game of “throwing” the kids from the side of the bounce house into the middle. It’s hard to explain, but let me tell you, every one of them wanted Diane to grab their butts and throw them. Delaney is particularly aerodynamic and flew the farthest! My friend Melissa and her mom made the gorgeous Tinkerbell cake and it was delicious too. Amazing work, ladies!

Valentine’s Day we just puttered around the house as we were all three exhausted. Of course, that was after Melody and I spent about three hours over at Fort Knott’s for their Civil War encampment. In the past we tried to participate in this event, but since it will always fall on the weekend of Melody’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, I figured it was time to hang up my hoop skirts over President’s Day Weekend and instead be with my family. Didn’t stop me from visiting incognito, but we were able to leave, heh. I did find a beautiful toddler dress that someone had made and altered very poorly. I can only imagine they didn’t know what the heck they were doing since the armscye was only big enough for a doll’s arm to get through. Fortunately I happen to know what I’m doing and I can alter it much better and Melody will have a new dress with a corded petticoat that is simply adorable. It coincidentally perfectly matches the shawl Gramma Alice knitted for Melody’s birthday present.

Today Melody and I were home together and we did a few “fun” chores. We took the front off her crib and turned it into a big girl bed, gulp! She was very excited about it and fascinated with the Tinkerbell sheet set we put on the bed. Very clever, the top sheet has elastic on one end – like a bottom sheet – to keep it tucked in. Dad and I are a teeny tiny bit nervous about her getting out of bed in the middle of the night, but it’s got to happen eventually. Her third birthday is as good a time as any. She also happened to wear big girl panties all day today and didn’t have one accident.

Yes, my baby is growing up and turning into a little girl! Check out new albums in the photo gallery for more pictures.


4 thoughts on “My baby is three!

  1. And in another blink of an eye your little girl (my little girls) were in high school, college, working and soooooo INdependent. Enjoy every moment. It does go quickly!

  2. Awwww…this post totally made me misty. It DOES seem like just yesterday I was holding that precious baby with the beautiful blue eyes. I can’t wait to give her an extra squeeze in a April!!

  3. That was such a fun day! I love the pictures!!! I can’t wait to see Melody in her new dress. I have almost recovered from being the official child thrower. It’s making me rethink Danica’s request for a bounce house for her birthday. I’m not sure I can toss a whole kindergarten class. The toddler bed is a challenge for the parents. We inherited one and I it’s too much of a toy still to actually be used for sleep. Let’s just say there is no room left in G’s bedroom with a crib and toddler bed (converts to a twin bed so it’s pretty massive). When did our little babies transform into little girls?

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