Growing Up OC – The Lunchbox

Today’s Growing Up OC is from Auntie Kat. What with back to school supplies flooding Target and rounders full of uniform tops and bottoms, this is a very timely post. I don’t even know if lunchboxes are being used anymore outside of novelties. Probably kids use those nylon insulated soft sided lunch bags these days. For my first lunchbox, I had a white plastic one that probably came from my cousin Becky. It had something very girly on it. Later I upgraded to a metal The Walton’s lunchbox and my mom would tape a dime inside in case I wanted get a carton of milk. So, enjoy our guest blog post, Growing Up OC – The Lunchbox.

Let’s start this story with, I had to wait for the staff to come back to the doctor’s office and I had time to kill in Orange one day. With time to kill and other places to go that were distant I decided to stay in Orange and browse the Orange Traffic Circle Antique or Treasure shops for an hour. What I was looking for was a pair of gloves. I did get them but I digress. I saw all kinds of stuff that reminded me of my childhood. Then I wondered what ever became of my stuff like that. Was it sitting in a shop just like this one waiting to become a prize treasure again or sitting at the bottom of some landfill never to be thought of again. The contemplations of a lazy Friday afternoon.

Then I saw it: a Bobby Sherman Lunch Box. I had a Bobby Sherman lunch box in the 1st or 2nd grade. I loved that lunch box. It was purple. It had a thermos. It was metal. Some of the lunch boxes that year were plastic. And there were pictures of Bobby Sherman on it. Did I mention I loved that lunch box?

I was now down memory lane thinking of Northcutt and lunchtime; going back to school shopping at Sears with Mom, getting to pick out the new lunch box for the year, new pads of paper, and so on. I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow…oh, wait, that was Dad. I walked across the street to go to school. That school was brand new when I was in first grade. That was in 1971, ahem.

As I went around a corner of the shop I thought to myself “I wonder what that lunch box is going for now days?” I took a peek at the price tag and it said $65.00! For a lunch box!? I could not imagine anyone paying $65.00 for a lunch box unless they were a true Bobby Sherman fan or maybe a fan of lunch boxes. You never know, there are fans of everything out there now days. Just go to an antique or treasure shop and see.

So, I’ll trade my PBJ for your cheese sandwich…


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