Who needs a care package?

I just wanted to put it out there…if you know a soldier who is deployed to a war zone and would welcome a shipment of home-baked goodness, please let me know! Operation Baking GALS has rounds that ship almost every month, so there isn’t a rush to send me names and information, but I would love to host a team of bakers. I’d stress out the entire time worrying that no one will join my team and thinking it’s somehow a reflection on me, but really, I’d make that sacrifice. Think about it, let me know. I’ve been itching to try a pound cake and these cheesy crackers and some chocolate shortbreads and…


6 thoughts on “Who needs a care package?

  1. If you were in charge, I would bake. One guarantee there. Mom would too, if she is in town. Dianna has expressed interest.

  2. I asked a friend to see if he knows of anyone that is deployed. He was in the reserves for a long time and has just reciently retired. If I get something I send it home.

  3. My son is deployed to Iraq his third time. He has also deployed to Afgahnistan, Desert Storm and Panama. He loves his job as a soldier and the United States more than anyone I know! I am trying my best to send him things, but I am on a fixed budget as an eldery man. Can you please help me?

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