When in doubt, listen to your mother!

For over a week now, I have been sick, down with a nasty cough, sore throat, congestion and fatigue like I haven’t had since I was in high school.  It’s like a mini version of mono.  When I had been home sick for 4 days, my mother asked me “have you gone to the doctor?” and of course I said “no.” You see, like so many others, I figured I had a bad cold.  I missed four days of work, and then on Saturday started to feel a lot better.  Through the week, Melody was sick off and on; one day fine, the next coughing & hacking, the next fine, the next running a fever.  On Saturday she seemed to be feeling better too.  

So we went to a birthday party with 20 kids and their parents.  I know, I know.

By Monday, I was back to work, but Melody was doing really poorly and I took off work to take her to the doctor and get some additional rest myself. Because of course, I was starting to not feel great again.  Melody has an ear & throat infection.  My husband said “since you have the same symptoms, don’t you think it’s possible you both have the same thing?”  But I ignored him like any good wife does.

To cut this story short, I finally went to the doctor today after working only partial days this week so far.  I have really got to get better!  I now have SIX prescriptions to deal with the virus (cold) that is in my throat and the sinus infection in my ears and nose.  

I should have just listened to my mother in the first place!


3 thoughts on “When in doubt, listen to your mother!

  1. Started to come down with the same thing. Went to see doc last night. Have a scrip to fill tonight. Saw what it did to Martha and wasn’t having any of that!

  2. I talked with Gramma today (4/24) Papa finally came down with this cold/flu too. He went to see Dr. D and they put off going out to the desert one day. It didn’t hold him back from playing golf on Thursday. He’s feeling better.

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