Growing up OC – dads can be so cool

Mom has been sick all week, so today we have a post from guest-blogger Auntie Kathy.

Remember That Song?

by Auntie Kat

It’s funny how things jog your memory.  I was sitting at my computer over the weekend listening to music and working on stuff when this John Denver song came on and I though “Huh, I haven’t heard that in ages”.  Then I thought about the first time I heard it.  The song is Calypso.  He wrote it for Jacques Cousteau about his research ship.  I remember there was a John Denver special on television.  We were taping the songs off the t.v. with the tape recorder.  For some reason it didn’t record.  Now this was when you had to put the mike up to the t.v. and push play/record on the tape player and do everything yourself.  There was no DVR, no Tivo, no VCR.  Your antenna was all you had for reception.  Cable and satellite were the things of Star Trek.  Well, our dad was on business travel that week and when we talked to him on the phone I told him how disappointed I was that the songs didn’t record.  When he came home he had a John Denver tape for me of the album Spirit.  Calypso wasn’t on the album but I enjoyed it just the same.

One thing I remember about the show was that John needed a prescription diving mask.  He wore Coke bottle glasses.  He kept saying ‘FAR OUT!’ about everything under the water.  Even in the mid ‘70s that was a bit dated.  I also liked listening to Jacques Cousteau talk.  He was soft spoken and had an accent.  What song do you remember and why?



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