We are back to baking and out for fun!

Well, we are signed up for Round 7 of the Baking Gals cookie love fest!  Our soldier this round is Sgt Richard Cedeno, currently on his third deployment to Iraq.  Sgt Cedeno is a fuel supply specialist, and has been in the Army since March ’03.  He has a wife and son here in the states who miss him very very much!  On deck for Sgt Cedeno to receive from us are:

Chocolate Pecan cookies

Easter egg shaped sugar cookies

Munchie Dudes (seasoned crackers)

Altoids and various mints & gum from Trader Joes

Smarties (monster package)

We will be shipping next week and hope that our treats reach Sgt Cedeno safe and sound with huge support from the U.S. of A.  It’s not too late to sign up to bake if you are interested.  Please visit BakingGals.com to learn more; I am on Team Baking For Our Troops. Currently it’s in the 90s in Iraq, so if you join up, please keep in mind that chocolate chips will melt as the temps rise.

Next!  This coming weekend is the Prado Regional Park Civil War event sponsored by the Southern California Civil War Association.  All proceeds from the event go to the Chino Boy Scouts.  Last year we attended the event and I was delighted to see the numerous boy scouts in attendance just absorbing everything.  The way the map reads this year, there should be some Girl Scouts in attendance.  I hope we will meet up with some of these young ladies and help them to understand the history leading up to their current freedoms.  Here’s a cute picture of Melody last year at the event, worn out and sleeping in her wagon, and another with orange juice and watermelon spilled down her white dress.  Yes, it’s white for a reason…bleach!


Finally, we have relaunched our reenacting website, redesigned and ready for the future.  Please visit us at Past Periods Press for specific information on the comings and goings of Mrs Marvel, Mrs Brewer and Mrs Marshall (aka Mom, Auntie and Miss Pauline).


4 thoughts on “We are back to baking and out for fun!

  1. I don’t seem to have the commitment for baking. Would a box of GS cookies be a welcome donation? That’s all that I have.

    Looking forward to the weekend! Mrs. Brewer

  2. I don’t get GS cookies with chocolate anymore :-( They are shortbread so there are quite a few in the box. Although, to a GI any GS cookie is a good GS cookie.

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