Site update at Gram’s Recipe Box

New layout, whee!

New layout, whee!

A really wonderful thing happened over at my site Gram’s Recipe Box. I found the perfect theme. You might not realize how difficult it can be to find a great theme for your website. With a site like WordPress, they offer themes designed to integrate with your existing content to enhance and showcase your work. You know how much work you put into the content on your site, but if like me you aren’t a graphic designer, you also know how frustrating it can be to not express the vision in your mind of how your perfect site looks. Well as I was browsing the various available themes for this site, ironically, I found the vintage kitchen theme and I knew, I had found The Perfect Theme for Gram’s Recipe Box.┬áThe theme is clean, inviting, and yet still modern in a vintage-y way. I can’t say enough how much I like it! For now, Notes will stick with the existing floral theme since I don’t really love too many of the available themes right now. Perhaps as WordPress adds themes in the future, I’ll find that elusive perfect theme for this site too.


Uncategorized category

I was just thinking about the way things are organized in a blog. You have the post, pictures, categories, tags/keywords, comments…. It all works together to publicize your blog and/or help your readers find other interesting posts on your site. The one that bothers me is the category “uncategorized.”

By the very nature of the “uncategorized” category, WordPress is making it a category and therefore, categorizing it! It’s a conundrum I cannot resolve.

My brain hurts.