Scandalous things

Have you heard the one about the guy whose company car was impounded by the police? As it turns out, the car had been “stolen” and the guy “found it” at a crack house. After he retrieved his keys from the residents of the house, he realized they had kept his dust buster. So, he went back into the crack house to get it, just as the police raided the house!

It is amazing that kind of bad luck could happen to one person.



Once there was a salesman who wanted to buy an umbrella to cover his product samples when it rained. His boss would not allow him to expense the cost of the umbrella. Next expense report session, the two went over the itemized expenses and the boss asked if the salesman had given up on the umbrella. “Oh, no,” he said. “It’s in there. You go on and try to find it.”

Tips and cash lunches, anyone?


Oh, it’s in there!

Once upon a time at a big company meeting, everyone was enjoying the evening in the hotel lounge. Drinks were plentiful, laughter all around. That is, until one person opened his coat to get out his wallet and his handgun fell out of his holster!

Talk about a buzz kill.



Two employees of a company were “secretly” lovers, or so they thought. One night they snuck into the office to enjoy a tryst on the desk of a curmudgeonly manager. Unfortunately for them, the company had secretly installed surveillance cameras due to complaints about the manager, and discovered their licentious behavior instead.

There were several vacancies in the employee roster shortly thereafter.

Uh, hi

Uh, hi

These true stories and more brought to you by the scandalous things I have heard through the years, a friend of a friend, and a few first hand stories. People really will do crazy things!