Shut down the government, great idea!

I don’t have a lot of information to spout, no statistics, no political side-taking. My reaction to this is more visceral. I am disgusted. It seems the two party system has lost its ability to function without collateral damages to the public. You remember us….?

We are the ones you are hurting.

Hey, Mr. Congressman, are you getting paid while the government is shut down? If the answer is yes, then shame on you. We are hardly out of a very difficult economic crisis, a recession that put thousands out of work, out of homes, and out of hope. All the while, YOU got paid. You dithered about this agenda or that agenda, never considering that the people ultimately affected by your inability to turn away lobbyists, special interests, and your party-line agendas are the middle and lower classes. We are the ones paying the taxes. We are the ones paying your salary.

Let’s hope no natural disaster occurs while you children finish your tantrums and decide to play nice in the sandbox, because FEMA is shut down. Hurricane or super storm, come on down!

Let’s hope no serious chemical leaks and/or explosions occur (remember West, Texas?), because the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board is shut down.

Let’s hope no dangerous products are imported or marketed (like Chinese dog-killing food and lead filled baby toys), because the Consumer Product Safety Commission is closed.

Your precious Department of Homeland Security is hobbled. Hopefully there won’t be any large public events taking place that can be threatened by terrorists.

Major union strike takes place? Let it happen, because the Department of Labor will be at a minimal staff.

But hey, Mr. Congressman, you are getting paid, so how will this possibly affect you?

EPA, EEOC, FDIC, FCC, FTC, NTSB.…..and so many more, all put in place for the American people, yet unable to function because of you.

You continue to take your pay, get your government subsidized healthcare, and live insulated from what the rest of America might be experiencing, and then have the gall to claim you are doing “your very best” for the American people? You disgust me.

There was a time when a seat in Congress was a position of great respect and honor. You dishonor your title every second you hold yourself above the rest of America. When your family suffers because you are out of a job, your house is in foreclosure, and you don’t know where the next meal is coming from, you can call yourself a regular American. When budget cuts at your employer force you to take a pay cut just to stay employed, then you can join us. Until then, you are a politician, playing with peoples lives and livelihoods. You can surround yourself with yes-men who tell you what you want to hear, but only you will believe it. The people out here who have to hear your pompous meanderings about working for Americans are pretty well fed up.

Your job, your one and only job, is to serve the American people. I am so disappointed in you. Maybe if we get lucky, you will be out of work soon.


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