Daisy Girl Scouts: Rededication Ceremony

We are in our second year of Daisy Girl Scouts, and discovered over the summer that our first year was, shall we say, informal. We had a lot of fun with the girls, went on some fun field trips, and made great friendships, which is most of what scouting is about! But, having become a co-leader of our troop, I was invited with the other leaders to attend a Girl Scout kick off meeting this past August, and we learned that Daisy Scouts can do even more than what we already did! So, the three co-leaders have decided to start some new fun things for our Daisies for their second year.

Last year, we didn’t do a Dedication Ceremony or even an Invocation, we just made sure the girls knew their stuff and they earned their petals. This year, we wanted to do a Rededication Ceremony for them, so they would start learning some of the pageantry that future levels of Girl Scouting all seem to utilize. Ceremonies are a great way to place importance on something — “putting a point on it” so to speak. Dedication to Girl Scouting is one way to welcome the girls back to Scouts after a great summer. Since I searched the web and drew different bits and pieces from many resources, I figured I would go ahead and share with others. Since we did not pick up any new Daisies this year, this ceremony is specific to a Rededication, rather than an Invocation and/or Dedication. We kept it simple, but if anyone can use any bits or pieces of this for their ceremony, please help yourself!

Daisy Troop #345 2013 Rededication Ceremony 

Cut out sections and paste to notecards. Number the cards so they don’t get out of order. 

All stand in a circle with Leaders at the front, a small table will be needed to hold the pins.

Leader: Where are the Daisy Girl Scouts of Troop 345?

Girls: Here we are!

Leader: Tonight we are confirming our continuing dedication to be the very best Daisy Scouts we can be.  Each of you is an important part of our troop, our families, and our community.  As Girl Scouts, we promise to be the very best person we can be. Let’s make that promise together, now, by saying the Girl Scout Promise.  Everyone raise your hand in the Girl Scout salute.

All recite Girl Scout Promise  “On my honor…”

Leader: Last year, we learned about the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.  These are valuable tools to help us each as we grow and learn about the world.  In Girl Scouts, each girl is special and recognized as a valuable member of the community by older people – parents, leaders, neighbors, and community members.  This year, we will learn about our individual strengths and also how we can work together as a team toward mutual goals.

Leader: Troop 345’s Daisy meetings will be a place where each girl’s individuality is valued.  It will be a place where the importance of caring for ourselves and others will be emphasized.  We will learn about our world and ways to care for nature.  We will have fun!  This will be a place for each girl to live the Girl Scout mission statement: “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.”  Now, it is time for each girl to be called up and be rededicated to Daisy Scouts.

_____________________(naming girl), please come forward

 Leader: Welcome back, ______________________.  Do you promise to try to be the best Daisy Girl Scout you can be?  (Girl responds yes) Here is your Membership Star, and your cookie sales pin, your safety pin, and your first Journey book, which you earned through your hard work last year.  We are proud to have you in Daisy Troop #345!  She pins girl, shakes her left hand and makes the Girl Scout sign with her right hand. Directs girl to return to her place.

Repeats through all girls.

Leader: Daisy Girl Scouts are named after the founder of Girl Scouting in the United States, Juliette Gordon Low, whose nickname was Daisy. She brought Girl Scouting to the United States from England. For over 100 years, Girl Scouts have been teaching girls about their world and how to be a good citizen.  Last year we earned the ten petals of the daisy, with each petal representing a line of the Girl Scout Law.  This year we will take three journeys, each one focused on a  different aspect of the world we live in, and preparing you, the Daisy Girl Scouts of Troop 345, to bridge up to Brownies next year.

Leader: We are excited to see all your lovely faces, eager and ready to continue the Daisy Girl Scout fun!  Now let’s sing the first verse of Make New Friends.



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