New year, new blog host

For quite a while I have been meaning to move this blog to because, well for many reasons, primarily because we want to get out of the website hosting business, but also because WordPress is now more advanced than the editing software my husband wrote for me five years ago. He designed the original website and after a friend very kindly commented that it looks a bit nursery, I realized that as Melody is growing up, so must this site. Besides, it has hardly been about her for a long time.

So, here we are. I might change the theme until I find one I like, or I might just keep this one forever. Who knows. The thing about hosting a blog at WordPress (or other blog hosting sites) is that I can do that, pretty much at will.

Things I plan to do in 2013

  • Blog more
  • Post pictures
  • Continue the Each Mommy Matters feature
  • Find other interesting topics
  • Not worry too much

The catch about a blog is that if you post a lot, you send out more tweets and RSS updates, and so more people possibly find you, your readership grows, and one day you are writing a book from your blog. The reality of a blogging, working mom is that I really don’t have the time to blog every day. At best I was blogging a few times a week. I took a couple months off (sorry about that) but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I doubt that I will ever have a massive following, but if I have a few people who read and comment from time to time, that is a huge boost for my sense of self.

I am also looking into cross pollinating from my other blogs. Since all are on WordPress now, I could probably pretty easily import a post that is particularly interesting from another site. Especially when they pertain to this site somehow, it might be fun.

I might never get around to moving the old pictures from the old site, and that isn’t ideal. John won’t like it, but honestly I just need to prioritize my time here. I will do my best, folks, and that is all I can do.


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