A poll

Hey folks! I am planning on moving this blog “sometime” soon. This was supposed to have been moved in June, but I ran into a snag. The host I want to use moving forward does not have a gallery option that I like very much. So, since most of the people who read this on a regular basis are friends & family, I want to know if you feel like I need to have a photo gallery moving forward. 

Or, would you be satisfied seeing photos within the individual posts and leave it at that?

Having no gallery page will simplify my life significantly. WordPress.com, which is what I use for Gram’s Recipe Box, Who Were They? and Past Periods Press has a Flickr plug-in, meaning I can post pictures to Flickr (which I hate, btw) and they will show up in the little 3-image sidebar that you would then click to view more. That is one solution to the gallery, but it would be on a separate site. WordPress also has a feature in which I can add a little gallery of images directly into a post and you remain on the site to view it.

Next, to move this site will be a big task because I have 5 1/2 years worth of posts, lots of them with photos embedded. I can A. begin blogging at a new location and then transfer the history over time, or B. transfer everything and then start blogging at the new location. Either way, the history will be available until the new site is completed and this one turned off. 

Does anyone have an opinion on what works best for them? Let me know.

And yes, I will be printing my old blog posts for posterity’s sake. I’m looking into a book service via blurb.com or viovio.com, both excellent sites. Mom, Auntie, if you are interested we can talk offline.


2 thoughts on “A poll

  1. You posted this on November 6. Today is the 14th and there have been no comments as yet. Does this tell you something? I would recommend that you do whatever is easiest for you. Of course, I’m happy that it will all be printed on paper. In 50 or more years, what type of electronic communications will be available, the technology changes hourly, but printed word will last beyond the time when we take our last breaths. Your children and great-grandchildren we hope would be interested in their pasts.
    Along these same lines, when I first typed and printed my first cookbook I thought I had accomplished something. I did it in “NBI’, then I had to convert everything to Multimate, then I converted to Word Perfect, and it is now in Word. I quit converting. I cut the recipes out and paste them in a book with tape.

  2. While I LOVE looking at lots of pix of Melody I think that you should do what is best/easiest for you. If you feel that you are going to blog more here on the other site with less pix then I think that’s what you should do. I can get pix via iPhoto or Facebook or some other media. Personally, I would like to see more general blogging here as you can’t do that with the other sites. I would pick option A for you at this point. It will take some pressure off of you to start everything over from the beginning at one time. You could start with 6 mo. worth of archives and slowly move it over. That may be the best way to to go.

    I like that you will keep the archive and eventually publish it. You will see what a journey you have taken to that point in time.


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