April showers bring…

Once again I’m apologizing for not having had much to say in the previous month. I have a lot of great ideas to blog about…as I’m drifting off to sleep or driving home from work. Not really opportune moments to have a quick blogging moment!

We decided to thin down our stuff, getting rid of things we have have moved from one house to the next without ever really unpacking, things we do not need, don’t fit, are worn out, etc. It’s a good exercise and forces me to really consider the need/want motivation behind each item. My sewing room is the worst! It has become a catch-all for historical clothing, craft supplies, research books, and of course an unused crib. Don’t you keep one in your sewing/craft room? I have it listed on craigslist for sale but I doubt anyone is going to buy it. Honestly, it’s the third or fourth time I’ve listed it there with not one nibble. Last week we decided we were done with the ‘temporary’ dining set we bought of the former occupants of our house (in 2005!). I listed it for FREE on craigslist and the only response I got was someone wanting the chairs. Sigh…we wound up hauling the beast – it is very very heavy – out to our front lawn on Saturday morning. Not even 10 minutes into the project, the “free” sign not even hung up, someone was asking about it. Not 20 minutes later, the massive table, 8 chairs and two leaves were gone. We are very happy using our smaller table which gives us a lot more space in our kitchen!

So, if you know anyone who needs a really beautiful, gently used crib, I am selling one. Still. :-) 

The April resolution was to read to Melody 3 to 5 times a week. I think I might have hit 3 times a week. Although she loves chapter books, Melody hasn’t been very interested in the ones I tried on her. Alice in Wonderland was not a hit at all, which surprised me. I don’t remember how old I was when my mom read us the Narnia books, but it seems like they might be a little old for her. Anyway, we have been enjoying several books that Aunt Virginia gave to her last year – 365 Penguins, Bats at the Library and Beetle the Bard.

The March resoultion is still hanging in there. I walk 3-4 times a week most weeks. We had a lot of rain recently so that interrupted me, but for the most part I get in my walk whenever possible. I also still have been off fast food for two months, which is a huge accomplishment! The thought of it now is pretty gross and I hope that’s a mindset that stays with me forever. I might have fnally broken this addiction, fingers crossed!

May’s resolution is no TV 5 nights per week. That is really pretty stupid, lol. How about no TV 3 nights a week and if I make it to 5 that’s a bonus?


4 thoughts on “April showers bring…

  1. Have you tried the Little House on the Prairie books? Maybe Peter Pan? I think American Girls have books too. One of my favorites was the Brownie book from Mom and The Secret Garden.

  2. books: Anne of Green Gables (hmmm, might still be a bit old for her).
    I think she might love the Narnia books.

    Have you tried Junie B Jones? We loved them! Even got the books on tape for car rides after reading them all! I even liked them! (OK, ask Kathy…I’m a big kid hiding in an adult body, but still).

  3. The Junie B. Jones books are great chapter books that both my kids love. Also the Jack Gets a Clue books are great. Good chapter books that keep the kids entertained. The Junie B. books start with Junie B”s first day of Kindergarten too, so they are perfect for this summer. Great to read a couple chapters before bed.

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