Pay it Forward 2012 – Item One

On Facebook, I saw a fabulous post a few weeks back – the woman would make an item for the first five people who commented and reposted the meme. I loved the idea but she already had 5 people comment, so I just stole the post and voila, I had 5 people sign up. I wasn’t sure at first what I would make. Food, sure, maybe cookies, very typical. Jewelry, possibly, I love doing that. I sent out a message to my 5 people asking favorite colors, foods, home decor, etc. It’s always easier to have an idea of the person’s environment if you are going to make them something.

Then it got cold. I decided I would make a blanket! I love making blankets because they are fairly simple and wonderful all at once. I visited my favorite discount fabric store and found deliciously soft and warm Minky fabric. It’s that stuff they make baby blankets out of that babies like to pet. I could just run my hands over it for hours. The first blanket I decided to make is for an old high school friend who told me she likes red & black. I found a gorgeous red and black floral that I love and backed it with solid black broadcloth.

But I wanted to make sure the front and back of the blanket didn’t gap from one another, so I pulled mismatched vintage black, red and clear glass buttons from my collection and used these randomly sprinkled to secure the blanket. A little quilt binding and we have a great lap blanket! The fabric is 54″ wide so it’s large enough for two to cuddle on the couch, or small enough to wrap over yourself in the recliner. Plus it is machine washable, so if pets like it you can get their hair off pretty easily – which is a requirement in my house.

I have mailed this off to my friend Jodi and even though lately it’s been ridiculously warm for this time of year, my original intention had been to “spread warmth” among my friends. I hope this keeps you and your family warm for many years to come!


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