Fun, inexpensive kid craft: button necklaces

I love buttons. And I’m one of those people who has a difficult time getting rid of something useful. So, I have a rather….extensive button collection. I persuaded my mother to give me hers when she was paring down last year, and the first night I had them, I sat in my sewing room just looking at them and touching them like a thief caresses illicit jewels. I’ve harbored dreams of making a button collage or mosaic one day, but I’m not a very good artist. But yesterday, yesterday I found something to do with some of the larger buttons that is fun and makes my Melody very happy. 

We made button necklaces.

With a little bit of 1/8″ or 1/4″ ribbon, a tapestry needle and some large buttons, you and your wee one will be happily making necklaces in no time! I had Melody pick out several of the very large buttons, 1 1/4″ ones, all sorts of odd colors since they are from my mom’s old button collection. I dug around in my notions and found some 1/4″ hot pink ribbon, and away we went! It was a little difficult for Melody to get the needle through the holes, so I wound up doing that part, but we made two wonderful necklaces and proudly wore them out today during our shopping.


Part of our shopping was making a stop at Joanne’s (with coupons, of course) to pick up large plastic craft buttons, more 1/8″ ribbon, and a storage box for “Melody’s things.” We happily spent the afternoon sorting our buttons, and then making another necklace. This is also great practice at hand-eye coordination and small muscle skills.

Give it a try and find your inner jewelry designer at the same time. Your kids will enjoy it and if you are anything like me, you will lose the guilt over all those “extra buttons” that come with every blouse and shirt you buy. :-)


4 thoughts on “Fun, inexpensive kid craft: button necklaces

  1. Excellent use of buttons! You could use that as a craft at Melody’s birthday party next month. Fun, easy, inexpensive and fun!!

  2. And here I thought I was the only one with button guilt! Good to know I’m not alone in my insanity. Although, if no one ever had button guilt, how would we get such large collections in our button box? Must be genetic. Your jewelry is lovely and I’m sure both of you looked like the belles of the ball.

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