The day my house looked like CSI: Cypress

Who thought that a little water leak would result in such chaos? Every day since Tuesday the 29th, we have had at least one company come by to do something to my house. Most days, it’s been Serve Pro, which is responsible for drying everything. Drying everything is a fancy euphamism for “ripping out everything you walk on, pee in or wash clothes in.”

The latest chapter in this saga picks up after the initial tearing out of the wood floor and installation of 10 indistrial fans and two dehumidifiers. Which by the way are so loud it sounded like the Indy 500 in my house.

Last Friday, the guys from Serve Pro were there drying everything and a person from an asbestos testing company came by. While they were at the house all the power shut off. I checked the breakers and they were fine. The very nice young man from Serve Pro is incredibly kind, flexible in scheduling, and goes above and beyond, but that day I wanted to just slap him. I told him that I had checked the breakers and that didn’t seem to be the problem. He said “well, what should we do about it?”

I said “how should I know, I’m not an electrician.” Outside the house I discovered that the entire neighborhood was without power. The thunderstorms passing through the area had knocked out power all over Cypress. Ugh. At this point, I’m stressed. There’s no cell signal except by standing in the middle of the street. The house phones are out because there’s no power. I had planned to leave by 11 a.m. to go set up for the Marching Thru History Exposition, and was just waiting for my sister and dad to arrive.

Once Dad was there, he pointed out that the wood floor in our entryway had started to bubble. The entryway shares the wall with the laundry room and bathroom which were directly affected by the water and it must have leeched under the wall. The very nice young man from Serve Pro advised that he would have to come back to dry everything there too.

Marching Thru History was insanely hot and humid, but a good respite from the drying everything taking place at home, but it was too short a respite, as Monday dawned cold and drizzly, and the scene was set for more craziness.

The hallway has been taped off with plastic sheeting because our house was built at a time when asbestos was used in the wallboard. Well, the wallboard had to be cut out by a professional abatement company (and not some illegal who will work for a sandwich and a coke) and disposed of property (i.e. not in the city dump). The abatement company – I’ll call them the forensics team – came and created a tunnel into my house from the garage, made of more plastic sheeting, with a dedicated air supply and return. Then the forensics team dressed in those white tyvek bunny suits and respirator masks, and went in to dry everything in the walls. We haven’t been back there and I’m afraid I’ll find a dead body if I do. There was a lot of banging, sawing, and thumping, and I’ll leave it at that. Once the forensics team was finished inside the crime scene, they had to take a shower in my hose. Nice. The neighbors must think we really did find a dead body in the wall.

Oh, and I now have concrete in my entryway, since Serve Pro needed to dry everything there, too.

My adjustor assures me that once they are finished drying everything, we can get on with repairs. That should be interesting!


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