I’m hosting a team of bakers!

I am honored, delighted and NERVOUS (<–triple emphasis!) to host a team of bakers in Round 13 of Operation Baking GALS! Our team will be called Melody Maker’s Bakers and I hope to see one or two of you signed up!!! To sign up, first visit bakinggals.com and create an account. Once this has been done, visit the section of the site that says “Join A Team Here” and scroll down the list until you find mine. Click on the team name, and within that page, click on “Join This Team.” Once you have joined the team, you will receive an email from me with the shipping information, including the address and the dates to ship. I really need your help in making this a great turnout for our soldier! Teams will be open for sign-ups on Tuesday September 22nd.

Now, as to who this deserving fellow is, we will be baking for PVT 3rd Class Heath Kirk,stationed with the US Army in Afghanistan. Heath has been in the Army since October 2007, and this is his first tour in Afghanistan. Recently, he signed up for an additional 4 years, which means that he has 6 years left on his current enlistment, although Heath is planning on making the military his career. As the oldest of four, he has one brother and two sisters who look up to him and are very proud of him! Heath enjoys working with his hands, mostly on on cars. He will be home around Christmas time to see his family. He is single and just celebrated his 21st birthday in September, so I hope you will also wish him a happy birthday along with our gratitude for his sacrifices.  

Heath’s dad, Tim, sent me a note about Heath, and he had this to say to us bakers: “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this for Heath.” Tim must worry about and miss his son very much, so let’s make this an amazing experience for Heath. I like to think of each cookie I send as a “bite of love” coming from home. Let’s shower Heath with lots and lots of love. He is very deserving of our support!
During a recent video call, Heath’s dad snapped this picture
A fine looking American soldier!!
If you would like to bake but not sign up on the site, please let me know in the comments or email me off line. 

5 thoughts on “I’m hosting a team of bakers!

  1. My account is working and I am just waiting for tomorrow so I can sign up. Now I just have to figure out what and most importantly WHEN to bake for this important American citizen. Go Army!

  2. I came across your website through a friend. I am interested in joining this project but I know very little about it. What do I need to do to get involved? I love to bake, especially for other people. Please email me some info. Thanks!


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