It’s the least I can do

Operation Baking GALS (Give A Little Support) is celebrating its one year anniversary this month! According to Lindsey Leybold, site administrator, Baking GALS has shipped approximately 3000 care packages to approximately 100 soldiers in war zones overseas. There are close to 1000 subscribers to the site’s email newsletter and well over 1000 registered participants during the past year.

As you know, I am quite passionate about this organization and I’m proud to have participated in my own small way. Read about my reflections on the experience over at the Orange County Register’s Mom Blog and as before, please, please, please comment. Did I mention I’d really like you to comment?  :-)


One thought on “It’s the least I can do

  1. You’ve been busy. I’ve read everything you wrote. You might want to check the comments on all the things you wrote since July 6, when we went away. Keep up the good work on the baking and writing. Before you know it, you will be a regular on the Register site.

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