El Dorado Civil War Encampment This Weekend!

We are super excited about the El Dorado Civil War Encampment taking place at El Dorado Park in Long Beach this coming weekend (May 30-31)!  From what we are hearing, advertising has been significant (large ads in the LA Times Calendar), and they are expecting around 6000 spectators over 2 days. Last year was the first year for this event and we loved it!  It can only get better, and we hope friends and family will find time to come by and visit us, learn a little bit about the Civil War, and enjoy what is projected to be a wonderful weekend!  

By the way, if anyone takes the LA Times, on Thursday May 28, the Calendar section will run the ad again, and I would love a copy.  Please contact me if you can save one for me!

We will be out in the civilian area, a location as yet to be determined, and set up as Mrs Brewer’s Parlor.  We portray women at home during the 1860s. We have free educational materials for school kids, perform many of the “lost arts” of handcrafts and home craft, such as mending, knitting, crochet and tatting. We also will have available some of our books that Miss Pauline and I have put together over the years for sale for a small donation.  These books are created as keepsakes that will help keep history alive.  I’ve just been working on a reprint from a men’s periodical called “How To Wear The Beard” and another piece called “Nothing To Wear,” a humorous and satirical story originally published in 1857 chronicling the trials and tribulations of a young woman trying to decide which outfit will be just right. We can’t possibly relate to that these days, now can we ladies?

There will be a documentary film crew at the event, lots of food, mounted calvary, infantry, big booming cannons, famous generals and President Lincoln, displays, crafts, and tons of stuff to buy!

Melody will be with us on Saturday, and we will also be serving punch and cookies for Miss Pauline’s birthday between 1-3.  If you happen to find yourself with nothing to do, I hope you will consider this event.  It’s close by, at 605 and Spring Street, and is one of the largest encampments in terms of reenactors as well as square milage in Southern California.  Please visit Howitzers.com and click on the “Long Beach” link right at the top for more information, schedule of events, directions, etc.


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