It’s an oldie, but a goodie

Have you ever listened to the oldies station in your area?  Just for kicks, with the kid(s) in the back seat, rocking out to “Splish Splash” or “Wooly Bully” just because the music is funny, familiar, and somehow comforting?  For those of you not familiar with Southern California radio, KRTH 101, or “K-earth,” is the local oldies channel.  They set their playlist to 1965 and let ‘er rip.  Images on their website include The Beatles, Dirty Dancing, and The Beach Boys.  This is the station for folks who love the old days, nostalgia, Coca-Cola memorebelia, Ruby’s Diner, woodies and all things Happy Days.  Get the gist here?  This is the hits for kids who want to be-bop and meet at the sock hop for some good times and clean fun.

Yesterday, I was flipping around the channels and I heard the 1982 Hall & Oats hit song “Maneater.” 

On K-earth. 

It was a Marty McFly-playing-at-the-Enchantment-Under-The-Sea-dance moment.

Surely it’s a sign that end times are near.  No way it can be that the times they are a-changing, or even that I am just a-aging.  I’m looking for the 4 horsemen as we speak.


2 thoughts on “It’s an oldie, but a goodie

  1. I heart K-Earth.
    They have been part of the So Cal scene since I was a tot. And that was like a million years ago.

    Seriously- as radio stations come and go monthly around here…K-Earth has remained. And I love some things that NEVER change.

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