100th day of school

Today Melody’s school is celebrating the 100th day of school. That seems so odd to me. When I was a kid we celebrated the last day of school, but never celebrated actually being *at* school. Anyway, her teacher was given a theme for the kids to dress up, and her theme is “dress like you are 100 years old.” Had it been “dress like it is 100 years ago” I’d have that licked without even thinking! But dressing like a 100 year old really stymied me. All the 100 year olds I have known dressed like everyone else.

A friend suggested curlers, glasses and knee highs with a skirt. Here’s what we came up with:

Hello, dearie!

Hello, dearie!

Yeah, she’s way cuter than any of the 100 year olds I have seen, too. I checked with my parents – they live in a senior community – and they haven’t seen any cute 100 year olds either.



Melody did oblige in losing her second top front tooth this morning, so she’s pretty close to gumming her food, right?


Melody and another “centenarian”


What’s that? Speak up, don’t mumble!


Kids project: little books

Last May, Melody and I sat down together to make some little books. I had forgotten about them until this morning when she brought them to me. These little books were such a fun project to do together and so easy. All you need are some 4×6 index cards, a stapler, crayons or markers, and an imagination!

We spent some time talking about the story, Melody drew the pictures and then I wrote down exactly what she dictated. Here’s another. I think it might have been the first one we did, then I was able to convince her to draw the pictures.

The most important part of this little project was the time we spent together. If you have a creative kid, a story teller, a child who likes to draw pictures, this is a great way to capture their imagination. We came across a little book John did at around the same age and it is really priceless. He has such great memories of making the book, plus Melody really loved seeing something her dad made when he was 5.

It’s cheap for a craft but you couldn’t buy it for all the money in the world. Give it a try one day!