Girl Scouts: Money Management Game

Our troop has grown a little this year and we have several new members who have not sold Girl Scout Cookies before. They are excited and so enthusiastic! It has really inspired some of our continuing members to step up their game and try harder to achieve their goals.

As a leader, it isn’t always easy to teach or lead the girls to cookie sales success. Especially for Brownies, they are still in the realm of needing to be lead to their goals to some degree. They are not always good at math. They don’t always grasp what Cookie Share is or does. They sometimes forget that we raise money for fun AND to give back to others. For our first meeting covering cookies, I made them a poster to help with some of the information they need to remember. We plan to use this at our booth sales and show a bar chart of our troop goal achievement.

IMG_3273 IMG_3274

For our second meeting, I wanted to be sure they knew their math and money management. It’s easy to get confused when giving out change or having to count money, so while a parent would be helping during individual or booth sales, it is important for the girls to know this information. Fortunately for us, cookies are priced at a good multiplication factor – $5 per package. I found a game online that I adapted for the girls.

Money DiceCookie Game 1

Each of these images was printed on card stock paper, then cut out and taped together to make a 2″ square die. For our troop we focused on the cookie die. I also provided play money for each girl consisting of 2 5s, 2 10s, and 1 20. Here’s how the game worked:

  • Each girl gets an envelope of play money with $50 in it
  • Girls pair up by two and each pair gets one die
  • One girl plays a customer, the other girl plays a Girl Scout, and they switch back and forth
  • The customer rolls the die which will tell her how many of which variety of cookies she will purchase. The Girl Scout will tell the customer how much she owes. The customer pays the Girl Scout
  • Switch sides and the second girl plays the customer while the first girl plays the Girl Scout. Repeat the rolling of the die as above
  • Continue until one of the girls has earned all the money, or one girl does not have enough money to pay for the cookies on her roll. Money can be intermingled in the girl’s envelopes
  • The girl with the most money wins

We played this as a tournament – we had five pairs of girls, then the winners played each other. The girls loved the dice and so they were given out as prizes at the end of the meeting along with the play money. The girls learned visual recognition of the cookie varieties as well as reinforced their knowledge of common pricing in a selling situation.

The game can be expanded for older girls to use more money and to keep track of the number and type of cookies “sold” during the game. I feel really good about this game! Feel free to download the images and use them yourself. I didn’t make up the game, but I did adapt what I found online into something my girls could work with, you can too!


Brownie Court of Awards Ceremony

Once again, I am sharing the script of our troop’s ceremony because although I found many work plans on how to create a Court of Awards ceremony, I didn’t find an exact script or agenda, and I need a agenda. Remembering these are Brownies, their idea of planning an awards ceremony is to determine whether they have chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, what song they want to sing and whether they will do the hand motions during the song. While girl led, there is still a lot of leader planning. We wanted to make them feel proud of their participation and accomplishments during the year. Also, due to the late arrival of cookie awards, we decided to hold them for the awards ceremony.

Please feel free to use the script below as you like for your Court of Awards. Inspiration has been found in many places but ultimately, busy leaders might need something simple they can plop down into their own setting. We happen to have three leaders, but this can be adapted to any number of leaders. The portion on the Law can also be adapted to your needs – we decided to work on each girl fully memorizing the Law and when they were able to recite it during a meeting, they were awarded with the cute ELF doll available from Council. Our final two girls earned their doll during the awards ceremony.


Explore, take Action and Fly!

Once our awards and patches were organized by girl, we laid them out on the table to make it easier for the leader making that portion of the presentation. Each item is stapled to the 2″ wide grosgrain ribbon and the girl’s name is written at the top. The girls loved these and they looked great holding them up in photos too!


Look at all the awards!


Brownie Troop 345 Awards Ceremony

Girls form up in a horseshoe in the front of the room.

[Leader #1] Today, we will be presenting the girls with awards they have earned this year through their hard work and dedication to Girl Scouts. But before we get to the awards, we will begin with our Pledge of Allegience and Promise.



Song – The more we get together

[Leader #2] During the year, the girls have been working on memorizing the Girl Scout Law and reciting it on their own for a prize. Tonight, two girls will recite the Law so that they can receive their special ELF doll. Girl Name and Girl Name, please come forward.


Learning the Law is a great accomplishment, and we are very proud of all the girls for learning it and being able to recite it in front of their peers! Congratulations!

[Leader #1] During the year we brought in a new member, Girl Name, who we would like to recognize tonight. Girl Name has been looking for a Girl Scout troop for a long time, and we are so proud to have her as one of our Girl Scout sisters. She is excited and energized to learn all about Scouts and the fun activities we will take on together! Welcome!

[Leader #3] As you all know, some of the fun results in patches, awards and prizes! So, without making you wait any longer, we will now present the girls with their awards. As I call your name, please come forward.

Girl Name

Girl Scout Handshake

Girl Name, although you are new to our troop, you bring with you enthusiasm and friendship, and although you joined after our cookie sales, you have earned your membership star, arts and crafts fun patch, end of year fun patch and a special friendship patch.   Congratulations!

Girl returns to her spot

Girl Name

Girl Scout Handshake

Go in order of who has the lowest to the highest sales of cookies.

Girl Name, with your participation this year, you have earned your membership star, the Cookie Sales pin, the [list out the names] badges, and [list out names] fun patches. Your cookie sales were outstanding, selling _____ packages of cookies. You have earned the patches for your vest as well as [whatever cookie bling]. Congratulations on an amazing year!

Girl returns to her spot, continue until all awards have been distributed.

Song – When’ere you make a promise

[Leader #2] We will close our Awards Ceremony now, but the celebration will continue. We have refreshments for the girls [and any parents who stayed]. Congratulations, Troop 345! You have had an awesome year!