Buy my stuff, please!

Two barstools

Two barstools

Two barstools, golf themed. Seat is 14.5″ wide by 13″. Seats are 28″ high. Show signs of use, scuffing around edges of seats and on foot rungs.

Fireplace screen

Fireplace screen

Fancy beveled glass fireplace screen with hinged sides. Approximately 34.5″ high at center. Front panel is approximately 26″ wide. Side panels are approximately 13″ wide. Very heavy, looks gorgeous with a fire behind it!


Carved Chinese side table


Nested side table


Side view, carved Chinese nested side tables

A set of two carved Chinese nested side tables. The carvings are very deep, unknown type of wood, golden brown color. Glass on the larger table is broken. Larger table measures 20″ by 14″ wide and 24.5″ tall. The smaller table measures 9″ b 9″ by 12.5″ tall.

Gorgeous carvings

Gorgeous carvings


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