Heritage House – Riverside, CA

Sunday June 30 we were so pleased to attend the 20th Annual Old Style Independence Day Ice Cream Social at the Heritage House in Riverside, CA. This gorgeous Victorian house has been lovingly restored and is a curated museum of Victorian life in early Riverside. Mr and Mrs James Bettner moved from New York to Riverside for his health in the 1870s. After his death, Mrs Bettner commissioned the house as a grand showcase of Victorian living. The house gives tours from September to June. The summer months are reserved for updating projects and the upstairs rooms are just too hot for guests. This is a vintage home and they did not have central air, lol. There is a gift shop and the House staff is wonderful! My colleague from history events is a docent there and it is clear she has a deep love for the home.

The Ice Cream Social is an annual fundraiser for the House, and all proceeds will be used to pay for school busses to bring 3rd & 4th grade children to visit the house. It is important that young children not only get a lesson in local history but also touch the beauty of Victorian culture. If just one child in a group finds a love of history and goes on to promote learning, then the fundraisers have been a tremendous success! Children learn games and past times that do not involve electronics, how laundry was washed in a manual agitator washing machine, and how the grace of the Victorian era was more than just architecture. Check the gallery for some photos from our visit.

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    Here’s a quick review and some photos of the gorgeous Heritage House (aka Bettner House) in Riverside, CA. I made a new skirt for the event from the Truly Victorian 1898 Walking Skirt pattern. It’s a green embroidered linen, lined with cotton. My lightweight skirt weighs quite a lot, haha. Melody is wearing a new dress that we purchased from Ginger Alberti. It is a reproduction of a child’s dress from the 1860s. Kathy is wearing a lovely light blue and pink dress that perfectly suits the summer.

    If you haven’t visited, please take some time to do so. The house is fully restored and furnished with artifacts donated by Riverside families. http://www.riversideca.gov/museum/heritagehouse/default.asp

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