Halloween 1973

I don’t know how I came to have this photo of Auntie Kat (on the left) and me (on the right) from Halloween 1973. We don’t have a lot of photos from Halloween’s past that I am aware of. It just wasn’t something we made the time for, I guess. It’s surprising really, when you consider we have pictures of roasted turkeys and dinner tables going back into time out of mind, haha.

Here’s Melody at about the same age as me in the picture above, ready to tackle the neighborhood and collect her candy.



5 thoughts on “Halloween 1973

  1. No need to mention who’s on what side–it’s totally obvious! And Melody is so super cute! Any idea when is Brave coming out on DVD?

  2. Diane I’m not sure, but I am looking forward to it. They just released a new Tinkerbell one, The Secret of the Wings. It’s pretty cute!

  3. We’ve got Secret of the Wings! I still haven’t seen it all–I keep missing the beginning. They put it on when I’m in the kitchen and I keep seeing the same snipets over and over. If you guys are fairy fans, you have to check out Pixiehollow.com. Danica loves it and Geneva thinks it’s fun, but she needs help to do it. It’s a virtual world with fairy avatars and lots of games and while there is a membership, try it free for a while to see if Melody likes it.

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