Discovering my inner photo artist

About two months ago or so, I was browsing the Apple App Store and came across a free app called Instagram. Instagram is an iPhone app that enables photo sharing in a sleek and social way, but also allows the budding photo artist in us all to bloom. I have always loved artistic photographs, but never considered myself to be artistic. I take pretty good snapshots sometimes but I always saw that as the limit of my talent. With Instagram, I am trying to see the photos before they are snapped, and then share them with other budding talents.

I find that I am beginning to look forward to taking photos, and the great thing is you are not limited to photos taken with the Instagram app. You can access photos in your iPhone photo library and apply the filters to them as well, creating new versions of old photos. Below are a few of my favorites, and there’s a new album in the gallery where I will add new photos periodically.

Peacock at the Museum of Appalachia in Tennessee

Reflecting pool outside my office building

Melody at Calico

Shadows at Disneyland

If you have an iPhone – apparently any generation – I encourage you to download Instagram and play!


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