Making memories

I remember making a gingerbread house in gradeschool, something out of graham crackers really.We tilted the graham cracker squares up against a milk carton – you remember those at school, right? – and slathered the whole thing with icing. It was a great craft, even if it was messy and I thank Mrs. Grandison and Mrs. McPhe for putting up with a bunch of 1st graders playing with and eating the building materials.

Since I have such a great memory of that house, I was inspired to make a gingerbread house with Melody. However, I have no time to make gingerbread cookies in house shapes. So, when I saw the Gingerbread House kit at le target boutique I had to have it. Last night, Melody and I sat down and put together this house. Before you comment, you KNOW you want to pipe icing like me, don’t you?! My madd skilz on that wreath above the door are just ka-razy, and that window! Wow. Just…..insane or something like that.

Melody covered the whole front of the Christmas tree by herself.

She did most of the candy placing & eating, while I did the icing part. I think together we made a pretty good team!


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