I’m pretty good at stirring?

John sat with Melody at bedtime and asked her a bunch of questions. This clip and the previous one are the results of that conversation. I don’t really know what exactly to say, but stirring? Really?


4 thoughts on “I’m pretty good at stirring?

  1. Did she just say she has to kill her babies all day?

    I love the way she’s talking to daddy like he’s a dope, because he just can’t get that being a stay-home mother is a “real” job. Yeah, a lot of guys have that problem. Smack his butt, Melody!

  2. Okay, pretty cute…but you better make it clear that she’ll need to support Burke somehow. BOTH of them sitting at home and playing with their babies won’t pay the mortgage.
    Oh, and you are good at stirring, I’ve noticed that myself.

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