Weezer Wednesday

When Melody was about 16 months or so, she was fascinated with one of our favorite bands, Weezer. We even have a little clip of her watching them on YouTube. She still likes them and we have adapted one of their radio hits into a potty song. Weezer is a big favorite in our house.

She also loves the children’s show Yo Gabba Gabba. YGG is sort of like a kiddie DT hallucination. It’s odd on many levels but hugely popular with kids and actually pretty harmless. Well, now we can enjoy both of our loves – Weezer and Yo Gabba Gabba – all in one song. Weezer recently performed an original song “My Friends Are Insects” on YGG, in insect costumes. This from the boys who brought us Buddy Holly and Hash Pipe. I guess it’s not so much of a stretch after all.


UPDATE You have to go to EW.com to watch the video. I guess they want to protect their content, and I’m fine with that, but since it’s not new, and it’s Weezer dressed as insects, it seems a little silly. Click here to go to the video.


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