Something’s fishy here

Recently, my online friend Kate told me that her family would be here in California for a wedding and they wanted to meet us! I was super excited because this would be my first 2D friend from my mom’s group that I would meet in person. As the anticipated visit approached we decided we’d meet at the Aquarium of the Pacific, as they were staying in LA and we’re in OC. It seemed like a good “in between” spot.

On the day of our Aquarium visit, Melody was beside herself with excitement! She’s seen the large aquarium at Rainforest Cafe, and when we told her there would be an even bigger one, plus sea lions, sharks, rays, and more, well you can imagine her ebullience. Needless to say, it was all good! Melody and Jordan hit it off, and I felt like I’d known Kate forever. There’s something about sharing your most personal secrets with your mom’s group to just tear down the barriers.

Melody did not really want to touch any of the fish although they were in a “touching pool” for just that purpose. The pool contained rays and sharks and a few other fish I don’t recall. I did persuade her to touch a starfish and an anemone, but that was where she drew the line. 

The Aquarium also has a lorikeet forest (though how these are fish related I’m unsure) that guests can walk through. I am NOT a bird person but these parakeet-like birds are very tame and beautiful. Their vivid color just doesn’t translate in photos. They must be seen to be believed. These lorikeets are likely all raised in captivity and handled so they are very tame. Although we didn’t purchase the bird feed, many people had the little cups of nectar that the birds enjoy and were feeding them. The birds would fly right over to the person holding the nectar cup and land right on their arm or shoulder, then proceed to sip the nectar from the cup. Maybe next time we’ll do that.

It was a lovely day and we are all looking forward to going back again soon! Pictures in the gallery, enjoy!


One thought on “Something’s fishy here

  1. I’ve missed the blog. But you’re back! The lorikeets are beautiful, never heard of them before. They are like small rainbows, and I love rainbows.

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