Sunday Funnies

This is my preschool class picture. I think I must have disliked the boy in the front row middle because I have an unpleasant association when I look at his picture. Poor kid. We wore our nametags upside down so the teachers could read them when they looked over our shoulder. Two girls in the front row have an extra tag, shaped like a hand. I believe this was rotational and stood for “helping hand” and was given to the kids who were particularly helpful or something. It’s been a long time ago, I can’t quite remember!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. This brings back memories! And look at the blond curls! Don’t know who the kid in front is, but I think he was an over active trouble maker. Wonder what they all are doing now.

  2. Man! Your preschool class was waaaaay bigger than mine. I’m in the back, too. Funny, but I was just last night telling Geneva stories about when Mommy was in preschool. She fell asleep. Apropos commentary about my “exciting” childhood.

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