Life is flying by!

i can’t seem to keep up, life is just flying by at the speed of toddler! We are quickly winding down January and getting ready for Melody’s (gulp!) third birthday. Wow!!

Yesterday, we stopped at the grocery store after work for some sundries and milk. There was a lady there handing out tastes of the cookies the bakery had just made. She likes Melody and gave her several tastes in a little cup to enjoy as we finished our shopping. On the way home, Melody and I discussed this.

Melody: The cookie lady is nice.

Mom: Yes, she gave you some treats.

Melody: She likes to give out the cookies.

Mom: I’m sure she does when sweet little girls say ‘thank you.’

Melody: She likes to be the cookie lady.

Mom: Mmmhmm

Melody: I like to be the cookie eater.

Mom: Uncontrollable laughter


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