For me, the official opening of the season

As far as I’m concerned, Christmas season doesn’t start until I listen to Handel’s Messiah in its entirety, and specifically, the chorus “And Unto Us A Child Is Born.” Today, for me, marks the official opening of the season. Enjoy and be uplifted!


3 thoughts on “For me, the official opening of the season

  1. If you’re interested, there is a Handel’s Messiah sing-along (and play-along if you were to play an instrument) with the Laguna Woods Symphony at Geneva Presbyterian in Laguna Hills. I know the conductor (she’s our concertmaster) and several of the soloists (they’ve GREAT!). I know it’s a bit far for you, but I will give you details if you’re interested in a live version to kick off your Christmas season.

  2. I can remember Mom turning up the volume on the TV when the choir played on PBS every year. It’s one of her favorites too. For me, it’s the movie Holiday Inn.

  3. That was wonderfully uplifting! And I did turn the sound up on my computer! I shall have to get out the entire Messiah (I don’t think I have it though), but will find a CD with that AND the Hallelujah Chorus…That’s the one I really like to turn up loud – actually full.

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